TPP023 - AI PPC, PFR Reports and Exciting Things Coming to the Amazon Horizon with Anthony Lee


January 26th, 2021

38 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

We have our foremost number one guest on this podcast. He is a return speaker who has spoken in both PPE 1.0 and PPE 2.0, and a lot of people just went bananas for the priceless information he has shared. He is constantly testing and constantly trying new things, and in this episode he is ready to talk about what he's been working on for the past three to four months. With a mind set in collecting data, analyzing data, and learning how to rank best on Amazon with the current actual conditions, with a world of data and algorithms at his fingertips, Anthony Lee is definitely an Amazon genius. Tune in as he has the power of articulating complex concepts and latest trends and insights in a clear way.