The Professor's Podcast by Howard Thai


About The Professor's Podcast by Howard Thai

Known by many as the "Professor of Amazon," Howard Thai’s nickname does not do him justice. Howard is a former top 50 Seller on all of Amazon, and his origin story as a Seller is an epoch itself. Between selling thousands of units of hoverboards daily and battling with Apple Inc. on Amazon, the story of his humble beginnings is a story too long to tell. But this is all you need to know about Howard…

Despite his brilliant mind, unparalleled expertise, and relentless work ethic; Howard Thai is a kind and humble soul with a passion for giving to others through teaching. He began his journey as an educator by single-handedly spearheading the training of Chinese Sellers on Amazon. The insights that Howard provided and the tools he developed lead to what many in the United States consider “The Chinese Takeover of Amazon.”

Howard has become so much more than just an Amazon Seller and educator of Amazon Sellers in recent years though. Howard has taken his expertise and devoted it to helping businesses in need. For example: if a good and ethical Seller is at the mercy of a malicious Seller and their blackhat tactics, then Howard has the know-how and precision to help. He has even begun to help Sellers at scale by offering tools and software that no other company has been able to bring to market (the technology is simply too advanced).

Howard Thai has Saved, Started, Scaled, and Sold hundreds of business via Amazon and other virtual platforms. And he’s done it time and time again… Howard Thai is no longer just the Professor of Amazon; he has now become a Friend, a Mentor, and Leader to many who seek out his expertise. With a client base that generates over $5,000,000,000.00 annually, Howard Thai has become a legend in the online marketing space.

If you’re in search of a presentation that delivers bleeding edge information about marketing, branding, scaling, automation, and so much more... then Howard Thai is the man for the job.