TPP024 - The Inner Mechanics of Paid Traffic Generation and Conversion with Dee Deng


January 29th, 2021

38 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

With a wide variety of factors, from audience behaviors to advertising platforms, paid traffic generation can sometimes be a pain, and at times, it doesn't guarantee good results. But fear not, in this episode, the Professor has recruited the biggest and brightest talent in all of paid traffic. Dee Deng, co-founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital, an eCommerce growth & performance marketing agency is managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients all around Australia and the USA. Not only is he an expert on Amazon and Facebook, but multiple other social traffic sources and social paid search as well. His team has managed to help a client generate $2 million in paid traffic in just an hour. Tune in to learn more about Dee's journey and the inner mechanics of paid traffic.