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Episode Archive

37 episodes of The Professor's Podcast by Howard Thai since the first episode, which aired on May 13th, 2020.

  • TPP037 - The Perfect Blend of Traffic Sources to Hit Amazon's Sweet Spot with Brendan Morris

    October 1st, 2021  |  30 mins 46 secs

    If you are searching for cutting edge “tricks” that are instrumental for your Amazon business, then Brendan Morris is the guy to connect to. Brendan has bought and sold several companies that he grew using an arsenal of strategies and processes. He will take you by the hand and walk you through his most elusive and game changing strategies that drastically increase sales. He will brew you the perfect blend of external traffic sources with the end goal of landing in that sweet spot of what Amazon is looking for of that perfect conversion rate. Listen to Brendan in this episode, and catch him speak live on the Elite Innovators Mastermind.

  • TPP036 - Boosting an Amazon Launch by Using Google and YouTube Traffic Sensors with Leo Sgovio

    September 28th, 2021  |  18 mins 32 secs

    Ranking on Amazon is no ordinary feat, but with the right strategies and a great work ethic it can definitely be done. Here to tell you more tips and tricks on Amazon launch & ranking, we have Leo Sgovio, The Italian Stallion, an innovative researcher, who solves problems through innovation and automation. He has been in the digital marketing space with over 10 years of experience, and has been on a lot of Howard's in-person masterminds and was once unanimously awarded as top speaker. This time, he’ll unveil the inner workings of systems and strategies that defy A9.

  • TPP035 - Next Level Amazon Tactics & Strategies that People are Not Talking About with Matt Altman

    September 24th, 2021  |  15 mins 55 secs

    Matt Altman, "The Supplement King", has returned to The Professor's Podcast, and he is also one of the speakers in the upcoming Elite Innovator's Mastermind. Matt has literally electrified people every single time he's spoken, and the the tips and tricks that he gives about his businesses has definitely made us all wiser. He's so good in the industry that investment firms throw money at him so he could geometrically multiply the sales of more than a hundred acquired companies and accounts. From focusing on end-to-end optimization, to innovation and fulfillment, to content optimization, advertising and analytics, Matt Altman knows all too well. He is ready to share the top strategies that are sure to work.

  • TPP034 - Drive Rapid Customer Acquisition and Improve Your Amazon Conversion Rates with Kory Alden

    September 3rd, 2021  |  39 mins 5 secs

    The defending champion has returned! Kory Alden will return once again to the Elite Innovator's Mastermind, where he'll have a chance at defending his title. Last time around, Kory taught all of the attendees how he consistently converts by using basic funnels and marketing principles with automation. He even gave SOPs and the exact blueprints! Kory has been an underground pioneer of review acquisition methods, and now he's sharing more tricks up his sleeve. His keynote will definitely be a combination of inspiration and actionable strategies that you can put to use immediately. It is guaranteed to have at least one powerful, useful strategy for 2021 and beyond that you don't want to miss!

  • TPP033 - The Secret in Staying on Top of The Amazon Advertising Game with Destaney Wishon

    September 1st, 2021  |  25 mins 42 secs

    Advertising is constantly changing within the Amazon industry with the constant release of new roll-outs. Even full-time managers can be overwhelmed with these new rollouts and cannot keep up. In this episode, we have advertising guru, Destaney Wishon, who has been managing Amazon advertising campaigns for over five years with an annual ad spend of $70 million. She is no stranger to keeping up-to-date with new trends or scaling existing strategies and has worked with the largest selling brands on the platform with over millions of dollars in sales. Tune into this episode if you want tips straight from someone who's seen it all!

  • TPP032 - The Exact Blueprint to Succeed on Driving External Traffic to Amazon with Tim Jordan

    August 30th, 2021  |  24 mins 56 secs

    If you want to succeed in marketplaces like Amazon, outside traffic right now is everything. The best way to get Amazon to really take attention or focus attention on your product is by driving traffic to the platform. In this episode, we have Tim Jordan, known to provide the best outside-the-box training and growth strategies for Amazon sellers, shares his insights especially on external traffic. Tim certainly has tremendous wisdom in differentiating the methods that work, as well as the ones that don’t.

  • TPP031 - How to Perfectly Convert and Maximize Campaigns on Every Platform with Maor Benaim

    August 27th, 2021  |  33 mins 26 secs

    It has been an entire year and a half since we had the community together in person for our mastermind. But, finally WE'RE BACK! We're going to be live and in-person at Elite Innovators this October 4 & 5th in Vegas! In this episode, we are joined by Maor Benaim, one the speakers in the upcoming mastermind. Tune in as Maor, the Wolf in digital marketing, shares his authentic media buying knowledge combined with his entrepreneurial skills to help businesses and his team crack and maximize campaigns on every platform.

  • TPP030 - How to Get the Best Price for Your Amazon Business with Taliesen Hollywood

    February 10th, 2021  |  25 mins 4 secs

    In this episode, coming from a slightly different background, we have a very interesting guest who is not an Amazon seller. Instead, he is a specialist on mergers and acquisition spaces. Taliesen Hollywood is a M&A consultant who has expertise in business valuation and acquisition. He also specializes in e-commerce in the M&A space, particularly for Amazon businesses. Tal certainly has a lot to talk about regarding the Amazon marketplace of buying and selling businesses on Amazon, and he is here to show us how to get the best price for our Amazon businesses.

  • TPP029 - Uncover the Strategies to Reach the $150 Million USD Sales Mark with Matt Altman

    February 9th, 2021  |  26 mins 58 secs

    Here to tell his wild Amazon ride from the ground up, is Matt Altman, a $150 million USD seller. He started around 2010 with textbooks and retail arbitrage for 3 to 4 years, building up some cash flow to get into importing from China. Then, he got into health and personal care, a lot of like patented products, and supplements, which is still his niche until this day, making $150 million USD. Because of that, Matt Altman is known as "The Supplement King". He's so good in the supplement industry that investment firms throw money at him so he could geometrically multiply the sales of acquired companies. In this episode, we get to listen and learn from Matt's experience and discover his ways and strategies of reaching the $150 million USD mark.

  • TPP028 - Affiliate Marketing Expert Unveils the Best Tricks to Crush it on Amazon with Zack Franklin

    February 8th, 2021  |  41 mins 44 secs

    Coming from the most hardcore marketing background, our guest, Zack Franklin is here to reveal his unique tricks and strategies for Amazon that allows him have better results than most people. He is an 8-figure Amazon seller and is known as the secret weapon of the Chinese e-commerce giants. Last year, he was focused on conversion rate optimization, Google shopping, Shopify, and just about anything that is off of Amazon. Zack is an expert when it comes to the affiliate marketing space. In this episode and on PPE3.0, Zack will uncover tons of crazy tricks that no one has discovered yet. Get ready to dig so deep into your competition with the best strategies and absolutely crush it on Amazon.

  • TPP027 - Advantages of AI and Machine Learning in Amazon PPC with Tarik Berrada Hmima

    February 5th, 2021  |  40 mins 13 secs

    In this episode, we have a very special guest. He has been a PPE speaker before and people absolutely went crazy over his last speech at PPE 1.0. Because of that, we have brought him back! Tarik Berrada Hmima is an expert of delivering complex data-based solutions and is passionate about using technology to solve challenging business problems, building world-class AI-based tools. His agency helps both startups and large companies maximize profit from Amazon advertising using state of the art Machine Learning algorithms. Dive right in and learn more from Tarik, the certified AI specialist for PPC.

  • TPP026 - Scaling Business in Amazon in the Eyes of the First $20 Million USD Female Amazon Seller with Lana Pasciak

    February 3rd, 2021  |  31 mins 4 secs

    This podcast episode is a very special one. For the first time ever, we have our first female guest and speaker on the Professor's Podcast and PPE3.0, Lana Pasciak. She is an 8-figure Amazon seller and she is the first female to reach the $20 million USD mark. Before Lana started her Amazon journey, she was a CPA for 15 years at the largest public accounting firm in the world. Because of that experience, she was able to leverage her business in a very strategic and successful manner, optimizing the structure for income tax purposes. In this episode, we will talk more about Lana's road to being the first female $20 million USD seller, and what are the secrets strategies in achieving that.

  • TPP025 - Effective Advertising Strategies Using Amazon PPC and Attribution with Lazar Zepinic

    February 1st, 2021  |  33 mins 50 secs

    If you think about the world of Amazon, sometimes it really feels like you're in a world full of alligators, and you'll have to fight them with the best strategies to defeat them and scale, improve and grow your business. One of these tactics is PPC, and in this episode, we have Lazar Zepinic, an Amazon PPC expert and one of top 100 Google advertisers in Northern Europe. Lazar, with 10 years of experience in this realm, has pretty much seen PPC. He has seen what it was before and how it has evolved into these machine learning and artificially intelligent PPC systems we have today. Lazar is part of an Amazon PPC consultant group and owns an Amazon agency with a team of 70 people. He has worked with 7-9 figure Amazon sellers and has experience in optimizing multi-million accounts on both Seller Central and Amazon Advertising platforms. Tune in to find out more about the PPC guy and his experience with Amazon PPC.

  • TPP024 - The Inner Mechanics of Paid Traffic Generation and Conversion with Dee Deng

    January 29th, 2021  |  38 mins 48 secs

    With a wide variety of factors, from audience behaviors to advertising platforms, paid traffic generation can sometimes be a pain, and at times, it doesn't guarantee good results. But fear not, in this episode, the Professor has recruited the biggest and brightest talent in all of paid traffic. Dee Deng, co-founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital, an eCommerce growth & performance marketing agency is managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients all around Australia and the USA. Not only is he an expert on Amazon and Facebook, but multiple other social traffic sources and social paid search as well. His team has managed to help a client generate $2 million in paid traffic in just an hour. Tune in to learn more about Dee's journey and the inner mechanics of paid traffic.

  • TPP023 - AI PPC, PFR Reports and Exciting Things Coming to the Amazon Horizon with Anthony Lee

    January 26th, 2021  |  38 mins 26 secs

    We have our foremost number one guest on this podcast. He is a return speaker who has spoken in both PPE 1.0 and PPE 2.0, and a lot of people just went bananas for the priceless information he has shared. He is constantly testing and constantly trying new things, and in this episode he is ready to talk about what he's been working on for the past three to four months. With a mind set in collecting data, analyzing data, and learning how to rank best on Amazon with the current actual conditions, with a world of data and algorithms at his fingertips, Anthony Lee is definitely an Amazon genius. Tune in as he has the power of articulating complex concepts and latest trends and insights in a clear way.

  • TPP022 - The Power of the Mind at Play in Amazon Marketing with Ehud Segev

    January 21st, 2021  |  1 hr 2 mins

    We are back with another set of The Professor's Podcast, this time filled with much more insights and action. Our episode guest, Ehud Segev, is a renowned super mentalist and author of two best selling Amazon books, 9 Steps to Influence and Secrets of the Voice. He started out selling these on Amazon, and few years later, he eventually ended up working with hundreds and hundreds of brands and generating hundreds of millions of dollars with all these brands combined. He merges his advanced knowledge in the subconscious mind with the world of marketing and business. Ehud is also an expert on video production for product listings and is very knowledgeable of the Amazon Live platform. In fact, his is the first channel to stream on the Amazon Live platform, and is currently one of streamers on it. Tune in to know more about Ehud's experience and expertise and discover what other tricks he has under his sleeve.