TPP014 - Evolving the Game of Chatbots with Paul Harvey


September 29th, 2020

25 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

Most of you tuning in have probably used chatbots, and chatbots can be a great tool for Amazon sellers. Our episode guest, Paul Harvey, definitely knows his stuff when it comes to chatbots. He has established his own chatbot platform wherein he can just launch and scale using chatbots without all the hassle. Paul has a long history of selling on Amazon and of helping sellers sell better on Amazon. And in this episode, he is going to tell us a little bit more about some of the projects he's working on, as well as, how we can optimize the use of chatbots and reap the benefits of this emerging technology. He will also share what we might expect him to speak about at the PPE 2.0.